Bigelow Benefits – Blueberry & Aloe Herbal


This tea is chilling on the porch at 3 in the afternoon on a spring day kind of tea. It’s light, with a smooth blueberry flavor coming through. The aloe creates such a soft complement to the blueberry, it almost goes un-noticed. The second ingredient, apple, just makes it’s way on the tongue blending in well with the blueberry flavor. Almost as if you take a few drops of apple juice and mix it in.


This tea is very light and smooth. The blueberry flavor is present, but not overpowering. You get hints of aloe very and apple as it soothes your throat and mouth. The flavor spreads evenly through your mouth, creating a “background music” intensity after you sip or guzzle it down.

Flavor Profile:

The flavor of this tea has a small, respectful variety of flavors. 80% blueberry, 15% aloe and 5% apple.


Bite into a freshly picked blueberry, and get a burst of flavor. Now imagine, you squeeze a blueberry into a glass mixing 40% blueberry guts to 60% warm water. That’s the sweetness you’ll experience. I wouldn’t consider this tea to be on the “sweetened” spectrum of teas; it leans towards the well balanced mid-range sweetness teas. Sweeter than straight up green/black tea, not as sweet as sweetened iced-tea you’ll find at a restaurant or store.

Add honey, that’s another story. Perfectly complement the blueberry with honey, which will bring out more of the blueberry flavor and satisfy your sweet tooth. Not to mention the added health benefits of honey.


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