Bigelow Earl Grey Green


Green tea infused with just the right amount of bergamot oil creates a delicious, relaxing, and soothing tea to finish off the work day just right. The simplicity of this tea is what makes it so appealing and perfect for any time of day/night. The bergamot oil stands out like a charm creating an sensational aromatic experience and strong flavor on the tongue. Every sip of this tea leads you to a more stress-free, uplifting state of mind and physicality.


This tea gives you a strong full-bodied experience. The bergamot oil is very present, and fills your mouth with flavor while not overpowering to the green tea.

Flavor Profile:

The smooth, lighter green tea infused with a strong, aromatic bergamot oil allows for all the flavors to be experienced in their full form. A respectful 40% green tea to 60% bergamot oil.


Naturally, green tea leans just a bit more toward the bitter spectrum of teas while the bergamot oil has both sour and sweet flavors to it. The bergamot oil is extracted from a fruit that is extremely sour with fragrant peels – a hybrid between sour orange and lemon. Both of these ingredients combined creates a mid-ranged tea that has hints of bitterness from the leaves, and a sour sweetness from the bergamot.

Add honey and you’ll get a tongue exciting, sweet tea that is best during the day to uplift and satisfy your sweet tooth.


green tea, natural oil of bergamot


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