Stash Chai Spice


Black and chai tea lover? This tea hits the spot if you want a delicate blend between the two. A rich Indian black tea flavor takes charge while letting some hints of cinnamon and ginger come through. As you sip the tea, it makes you feel lively and replenished. A great savory tea to pair with a sweet dessert after dinner.


This tea has a strong presence of black tea. The rich, Indian roots of the black tea leaves stands out over every other spice in this tea. The chai spices, especially cinnamon and ginger complement the black leaves without overpowering it.

Flavor Profile:

The strong black tea takes up about 80% of the flavor leaving room for 10% ginger and 10% the cinnamon, allspice, and clove buds come through.


The sweetness from this blend comes from the ginger and spices. All together it leans towards the bitter end of the spectrum making it a great tea to complement dessert (my personal favorite, vanilla or butter pecan ice cream).

Adding honey will bring the sweetness up to the mid-range level of sweetness; comparable to a pure chai spice tea without the bitterness of the black tea leaves.

Blended black teas, cinnamon, ginger root, allspice, natural cinnamon flavor, clove bud oil, cardamom oil

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