Bigelow Perfect Peach


Imagine a wonderful peach cobbler exploding with flavor in your mouth. Every time you take a sip, it warms your memories of a perfect summer/autumn day, chilling on the porch looking over beautiful green farmland. The peach is such a welcoming, full flavor, hinted with spices of rose hips and hibiscus. From the first sip to minutes after your last, the peach flavor hangs around and keeps the vibes of an early summer/autumn morning strong. This tea goes perfect with any time of year, especially the fall and winter time.


The peach flavor is full-bodied and active in this blend. You’ll get a wonderful, profound peach aroma on the tongue as if you’re indulging in a homemade peach cobbler.

Flavor Profile:

The peach is the strongest flavor present which takes up about 90% of the profile leaving 10% for the complements of rose hips and hibiscus spices. Wonderfully balanced.


This blend is surprisingly sweet and full of goodness. It’s almost as if you’re drinking sweetened iced tea, though the sweetness is naturally there. Imagine taking a peach, dialing the sweetness down by about 30%, then adding rose hips and hibiscus. For a bagged tea, and how much can fit in the bag, the sweetness this tea reaches is impressive. It’s not overpowering either, it has a mellow vibe to it, and will satisfy your sweets craving.

Add honey, the peach will go from sweet tea to a delicious home baked peach pie.

Rose hips, hibiscus, peaches, natural and artificial peach flavor (soy lecithin), spices, orange peel, lemon peel, apples, strawberry leaves, roasted chicory



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