Bigelow Benefits Ginger Peach


Spicy, yet soothing ginger and peppermint perfectly balanced with sweet, smooth peach makes this tea the perfect stomach calmer and vibe enhancer. As the tea reaches your stomach, you’ll feel the healing powers of the ginger and peppermint as well as the warmth of the peach. This tea is truly great to bring your spirits up if you’re not feeling the best. The peppermint relaxes your whole body and leaves a light minty aftertaste mixed with the mellow peach vibes.


The peppermint and ginger flow together so nicely and create a strong, soothing sensation all the way through. As you sip the tea, the ginger tingles your tongue, and fills your mouth while the peppermint follow along. The peach is mellow, and complements the spices nicely. It just hides behind the ginger and peppermint.

Flavor Profile:

The ginger and peppermint take up 65% of the flavor with the peach taking up 35%.


The peach adds such a nice sweetness to this tea. Just the right amount if you’re looking for something on the sweeter side. The ginger and peppermint also have some sweet tones to them.

Add honey, and bring the peach out even more. It’ll taste like a sweet-peach iced tea mixed with warm ginger and peppermint.


peppermint, wild orange leaves, chamomile, natural peach and ginger flavors with other natural flavors, ginger, licorice root, fennel, marshmallow root, peaches


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