Bigelow Green Chai


A very uplifting and relaxing green tea with peppery chai spices that complement the green leaves nicely. This tea is simple. You get green, you get spiced chai blended evenly. The chai in this blend is the most unique chai flavor I’ve had – it’s very peppery over any other spice in it. You’ll get a light tingly sensation from the pepper after you take a sip. There’s a strong earthy vibe with this tea that reminds me of a tea garden in Paris.


This tea is has a nice medium strength. Going in, you get a soft green tea sensation mixed with tones of ginger and pepper. After that sip, there’s more intensity with the pepper that remains to tingle your tongue.

Flavor Profile:

The green tea takes up 60% of the flavors, while the pepper takes 25%. The ginger fills the cup 10% and the light cinnamon 5%.


This blend is more of an earthy, spicy tea falling on the more unsweetened side of teas. The most sweetness you’ll get is that of straight green tea with hints of cinnamon and ginger.

When you add honey, the ginger and cinnamon will become enhanced and make the sweetness go up a level.


green tea, spices, natural chai tea flavor with other natural flavors (soy lecithin)

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