Teavana Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green


A brilliantly crafted tea flourishing with earthy green leaves and subtly sweet, highly aromatic jasmine – all rolled up in tightly packed pearls that expand into full leaves! One of my personal favorites, the simplicity of the two teas and the common values each leaf shares creates a wonderful tea for any time of day. Wonderful to wake up to, to feel cleansed and uplifted. Late night work session? Have a cup to keep your head clear and body feeling infused with goodness. These pearls contain anti-bacterial, antioxidant, fat burning, skin clearing, cardiovascular enhancer, brain stimulating, stress relieving properties that are incredible for your all around health.


The green tea and jasmine create a full, powerful drink together. Looking for something rich, smooth and full of green flavor, this is the tea for the job. From the first sip to minutes later, the deep green essence will stay in your mouth, exciting your taste buds. A very down to earth intense tea!

Flavor Profile:

The perfect balance between 50% green and 50% jasmine flavor. It’s the best of both worlds!


This tea is rich in it’s green, earthy flavors. Not your best bet if you like sweet, fruity teas. The jasmine, though, adds a wonderful subtle sweetness which is all this tea needs. This pairs great with a sweet treat such as ice cream, or scones!

Add honey, you’ll enhance both the green and jasmine flavors, while adding a wonderful sweetness to the mostly bitter leaves.

Green tea with jasmine

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