Bigelow Green Lemon


Light, refreshing summer vibes in this smooth green tea infused with lemon. Looking for a simple green tea with a little bit of tang, this tea has your back. The lemon peel adds just the right amount of zest to your tongue, to complement the green earthy flavor. This blend is almost as if you mix lemonade with green tea.


This is a very light and refreshing tea. Both the green and lemon flavors are subtle, making this a great middle of the day tea. The tanginess of the lemon is not strong, and not weak to the point where you don’t notice it.

Flavor Profile:

80% green tea flavor with 20% lemon to companion the green.


This tea is very mild, so it’s not too sweet. The lemon has more of a sour kick rather than sweet kick. It’s not too bitter either; hanging around the middle ranged sweetness of teas.

If you’re looking to kick up the sweetness to bring it to a green tea-lemonade flavor, add about a tablespoon of honey. This will bring out the lemon even more and sweeten the tea to a very pleasurable amount. If it’s a hot summer day, cool it down by adding ice, and have a very refreshing, sweet green iced tea lemonade drink!

green tea, lemon peel, natural flavor (soy lecithin)

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