Bergamot Oil Benefits

The wonderful citrusy, floral aroma of Bergamot oil makes it a tasty and soothing oil to clear your mind and keep you feeling fresh. Bergamot oil is extracted from the rind of the Citrus bergamia plant, commonly by cold pressing. The numerous uses of Bergamot oil include aromatherapy, adding to tea, and using on the skin.


Bergamot naturally is a stimulating antidepressant. It improves your blood circulation, which will create an uplifting feeling leading to more energy and reduced depression. Plus, you’ll get a clear, fresh mind.

There are flavonoids (plant chemicals, containing antioxidants) in bergamot oil which are great relaxants. This will lead to reduced anxiety, stress and tension.

Pain Reliever

Bergamot stimulates the release of hormones that lower the sensitivity of nerves due to pain. If you have any headaches, bodyaches, pulled muscles, injuries, you will find some relief with bergamot. This is especially beneficial when you don’t want to take over-the-counter painkillers due to their side effects.

Other Benefits

  • Antibiotic and disinfectant
  • Lowers Blood sugar
  • Youthful skin

Make Earl Grey Tea


Makes approx. 40 servings

  • One cup black tea leaves
  • 10-20 drops therapeutic grade bergamot oil
  • Mason jar or shaker bottle

Take one cup black tea leaves and put into your mason jar or shaker bottle. Drop in 10-20 drops of bergamot oil, shaking the leaves around every 5 drops. Shake around the jar once all oil added until all the leaves are evenly dispersed with oil. Keep the jar air tight, away from direct sunlight, and let it sit for 1-3 days allowing the oil to properly infuse the leaves.

Once time passes, you’re ready to enjoy! Use one teaspoon per serving, and steep with 190-200 degree F water.


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