Javavana Mate Black


If coffee were a tea, this would be it. Rich Assam black tea infused with creamy cocoa and vanilla overtones. Nothing in tea is overpowering and there’s just the right amount of every flavor. The black leaves have a malty flavor bringing a nutty, toasted essence to the tea. There’s cocoa bits which add a smooth dark chocolate taste. You’ll find hints of vanilla complementing this tea as its on your palette.

The only problem I have with this tea is that it has artificial flavoring. I got it as a gift, and I don’t want tea to go to waste. It has a great flavor, I just wish it didn’t have any artificial flavoring. That shouldn’t stop you from trying this tea, there’s only a small amount of flavoring added compared to the other ingredients.


This tea is rich and not too intense. You’ll get a lot of chocolate flavors on top of the nutty black tea. I steep this tea for 5 minutes with just under boiling water. This allows all the flavors to come out, and not be too overpowering or strong. I’d say it’s a medium strength tea – not too mild, not too strong.

Flavor Profile:

60% black tea, 35% mocha/chocolate, 5% vanilla. These flavors are well balanced, I wouldn’t change the portions at all.


Imagine enjoying a 75% Dark Chocolate bar while sipping on black tea. This blend is sweet, but not too sweet. If you normally add sweetener to teas, especially green and black, you shouldn’t need any for this tea. The chocolate and vanilla bits balance out the bitterness from the black leaves.


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