Adagio Maple Creme Oolong


Maple lovers, this tea is a chilly fall day oolong tea lightly blended with creamy maple flavors. There is a rich woody flavor which comes from the cinnamon bark that enhances the toasty, light oolong leaves. The maple is very subtle, not strong or overpowering. The creaminess of the freshly brewed tea by itself makes it questionable to add any milk/cream to the tea because it has such a smooth flavor. This tea is great when you’re craving some pancakes (will complement them great), waffles, or maple pecan pie!


Nothing about this tea hits you hard when you take a sip. It’s very light, and has a rich woody flavor accented with maple. You’ll get a nice maple syrup aftertaste that will last for minutes after your last sip.

Flavor Profile:

30% Oolong leaves (light & toasty), 30% cinnamon bark, 20% maple, 10% cream, with a nice 10% nutty pecan aftertaste that goes with the maple.


The sweetness of this tea comes from the maple flavor, and light buttery creaminess. It’s very mild and I would recommend adding some maple syrup to enhance the flavor if you’re looking for a sweeter tea. I personally would like to see a bit more maple flavor come out of the blend, but I found adding a teaspoon of maple syrup does the trick.


I brewed this tea at 215°, steeping for 5 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend steeping and shorter than 5 minutes since its a very light tea.

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