Adagio Rooibos Vanilla Chai


This blend has really nice balance between a sugar cookie and chai tea. Considering chai teas, this one isn’t too spicy or over the top with flavors. It has some sweet vanilla tones in the back along with the mellow quality of the rooibos. The chai spices you can identify are cloves, cinnamon bark, and ginger root in equal portions. If you normally add milk to your chai, you may not have to with this – there’s a nice creaminess to this tea that reminds me of having a chai latte with milk over the stovetop. The spices give you a warm vibe of winter.


This tea is pretty light all the way through. After a sip, you’ll get a light aftertaste of whipped cream with cloves, vanilla and very mellow ginger root. If you like spicy chai tea, definitely go for two teaspoons and brew for a substantial amount of time.

Flavor Profile:

There are a lot of identifiable flavors that bring wintertime dessert vibes to the pallet. 20% cream, 10% ginger root, 15% cloves, 15% rooibos, 20% cinnamon bark, 20% vanilla.


This tea is fairly sweet, due to the vanilla and sweet clove spices. Best way of putting it, if you want a tea for dessert, this would be a wonderful option. If you’re a fan of chai lattes you may want to add a touch cream and sugar, but not too much.


I brewed this by pouring boiling water over 1 teaspoon, and letting it brew for 20 minutes. The recommended serving on the website is 2 teaspoons at 212° for 7-10 minutes, while the bag only says 1 teaspoon. I decided to go with 1, and that was enough, just brew it for 10 minutes+.

Rooibos Tea, Ginger Root, Cinnamon Bark, Cloves, Cardamom, Orange Peels & Natural Vanilla Flavor


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