27Teas Lemon Drop Chamomile

A warm, delicate balance between lemon, chamomile and rose hips. This blend has helped me wind down and relax in the afternoon. There’s a very herbal, lightly earthy tone of the chamomile mixed with sweetness from the rose hips. To top it off, lemon adds a touch of sourness that just nibs your tongue.

When I drink this tea, my mind relaxes and I feel very soothed throughout the body. It helps clear your mind and get you back on track.


Calming and light. After you take a sip, you’ll be left with a mild earthiness of the chamomile mixed with a touch of sweetness from the lemon and rosehip. 

Flavor Profile:

I think this blend does a great job of balancing all the flavors, making sure each one shows up to the party on your tongue. 50% chamomile, 30% rose hips, 20% lemon balm.


The rosehip brings a wonderful sweetness to the tea, and it’s not too strong or light. Just enough so you don’t need any sweetener. I added honey on a later brew, and it was a great night time treat.


I brewed 1 tablespoon for 15 minutes at 210°. Definitely brew this a bit longer than 5 minutes, since it’s a herbal tea you want all the flavors to have time to extract and work together.

Rosehip, Lemon Peel, Lemon Balm, Chamomile

Pick up this tea here: https://www.27teas.com/product/19-lemon-drop-chamomile/


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