Winter Tea Favorites Around The World

Winter and tea go hand in hand. The cold, snowy days inside sitting by the fireplace with a warm cup of tea in hand can’t seem to get any better. I decided to reach out to tea enthusiasts around the world and see what their favorite winter teas were. Here’s what they said!

Tong Xin Shi (Instagram)

In winter, I would like to drink oolong tea, red tea, Pu’er tea, Chinese medicine believes that the winter climate is relatively dry and cool, people in the body due to the intake of a lot of high-calorie foods, prone to indigestion and other symptoms. At this time we have to use some of our own methods to adjust the body, drinking tea is a good good way.

Therefore, drinking hot tea in winter can effectively supplement the water needed by the human body, especially oolong tea, red tea, Pu’er tea, which can effectively regulate the circulation of the human body, enhance the physiological function of the digestive system, reduce high blood fat, high blood sugar and relieve high blood pressure.

In winter, I like to drink Oolong tea, black tea and Pu’er tea. Chinese traditional medicine believes that in winter, the climate is dry and cool, and people are prone to indigestion because they eat a lot of high-calorie food. At this time, we need to use some of our own methods to regulate the body, tea is a good way.

Therefore, regular drinking of hot tea in winter can effectively supplement the water needed by the human body, especially Oolong tea, black tea, Puer tea, which can effectively regulate the internal circulation of the human body, enhance the physiological efficacy of the digestive system, reduce hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and alleviate hypertension.

Marco Clouds_Dirt (Instagram)

Oh Winter, how I have a love/less love relationship with you. To me, the blistering cold is only redeemed by beautiful snow, and warm tea! And for me, nothing hits the spot more than a beautifully roasted Houjicha from Argo Tea!

Often made from Bancha, this light-reddish tea can also be made with Sencha or Kukicha, and yields aromas and flavors of toast, caramel, and chestnut due to its roasting process over charcoal. It’s this flavor that grants a nice departure from traditional grass and vegetal notes found in other green teas. Since this tea utilizes the stems and twigs of the tea leaf, and the roasting process further changes the chemical composition of the tea, this is a low-caffeinated tea that is perfect for an evening after eating or cozying up on the couch.

Wei Ling (Instagram)

Wei lives in a tropical climate year round. I know a lot of people escape the cold of the winter into tropical climates during the winter…it’s still necessary to have some tea!

Malaysia is a tropical country. It’s hot and humid all year round. I enjoy drinking white tea as relief to the warm weather, especially aged white tea. White tea has a lot of antioxidant and nutrients that help to cool the body, reduce inflammation, and potentially boost body immunity. When white tea has aged over 3 years, it becomes much more soothing for the body and more gentle on the stomach. Most importantly, it has less caffeine so I don’t have to worry about it affecting my sleep.

Philipp zerozen_artlab (Instagram)

Ahoi my name is Philipp some of you might know me under a different alias aka Instagram zerozen_artlab. Within this year I discovered many treasures inside the realm of tea especially when it came to Heicha I spread out my antennas and dug deep into this quite unknown territory. This was a great year for new discoveries but not as strong when it comes to fresh harvest especially if we talk about Pu-erh because in this case 2016/2017 were much stronger. But nonetheless this year brought some amazing and unforgettable moments into my teacups.

My absolute number one and a Pu-erh I am drinking nearly everyday within this cold season is the breathtaking:

1. 2017 Zi Juan Maocha Purple Sheng Pu-erh by – especially its unique chamomile character and rich nature is something I felt so much in love with.

2. Sun Yi Shun Liu An Heicha 2002 by theteapl is another candidate and type of tea I highly enjoy while cold gray weather is covering the world outside. Generally said Heicha’s and Shou Pu-erh are highly enjoyed within the cold seasons. Great relaxing tea with a dark honey note and a certain type of bamboo roasted barley atmosphere to it without an unpleasant charcoal roast to it.

3. Jinggu Bàng raw Sheng 2017 Spring by Crimson Lotus. This is a fine example of a none aged Sheng with an already aged character of Agarwood/Oud fused together with old leather and wet pipe tobacco. Perfect for chilling in front of a crackling fireplace.

Those I only three examples I enjoy very much on a regular base these days but there are many more. Generally said my major tea consumption these days are fresh young Maocha Shengs, Sheng Pu-erh, aged Sheng, Heicha and some aged Oolongs. Cheers everybody~

Me – Jay! (Instagram)

Man I just love the winter season. The holidays, snow, family gatherings, tasty foods, and of course, tea! I find myself drinking the most tea in the colder seasons, so that makes it pretty hard to pick my favorite. So I’ll go over a few of my favorite teas!

The best way to start off a cold winter morning, especially after a nighttime snowfall is black chestnut Ceylon black tea from Adagio teas. The wonderful nuttiness and sweetness mixed with the rich black tea seems to work so nicely with the crisp winter weather. I find myself drinking a cup when I’m having some dessert, usually some ice cream or pie!

Next up would have to be some Yume Genmai Matcha from Senbird Teas, sourced in Japan. This is a warning blend of genmai with Kyoto Uji matcha that uses an award-winning Koshihikari rice. The rice, which has been carefully roasted in high pressure with the green tea leaves adds a very toasty flavor. The smooth, slightly sweet and earthy green tea and matcha infused evenly with the powerful toasted rice makes this a very warming tea that you’ll feel throughout your whole body. I can see myself enjoying a cup while sitting next to a fireplace watching the snow fall down.

Thanks for reading! This was a fun collaboration between some cool tea enthusiasts around the world. Be sure to check them out, and feel free to talk some tea! Share your favorite winter tea in the comments below!

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