Senbird Kyoto Brown Rice Green Matcha

Genmaicha tea with award-winning Koshihikari rice mixed with matcha makes this a toasty, nutty blend. Reminds me of sipping on some green tea while enjoying a rice cake.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the rice flavor in my teas, although it’s good for occasions to complement sweeter foods. I will say, the quality is impressive, and the flavor is rich and smooth. The green tea is very 


As the tea fills your mouth, you’ll get a rich flavor of the toasted rice. After you take a sip, there will be a mellow sweetness from both the rice and green tea that lingers around for a few minutes. 

Flavor Profile:

When the tea is on your pallet, 65% genmaicha and 35% matcha. The aftertaste leaves 20% genmaicha and 80% matcha. The green matcha has a more grassy, subtle sweet feel.


There’s a subtle sweetness coming from the rice and the green leaves that’s especially noticeable in the aftertaste.


I brewed this at 180° for 120 seconds. The tea comes in pyramid’s, which are quite convenient when you don’t have too much time. The tea still has plenty of room to expand.

Pick up this tea here:

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