Honey – The Sweetener and Healer

Honey, Honey jar, Honey comb, Honey Stick, Flower Honey, Raw honey, Natural Honey

It’s amazing that bee’s work hard each day to bring us a wonderfully tasty, healthy, sticky substance called honey. Honey is vital to incorporate into your daily life; it can be used in so many drinks and foods. And if you’re sick, especially with a sore throat, honey should be one of the first things you reach for.

Packed with Antioxidants and Vitamins

Honey contains phenolic compounds which are antioxidants that protect your body from cell damage. Some honeys will contain as many antioxidants as veggies and fruits, which is why it’s important to get all natural honey. These antioxidants will help in preventing different diseases. Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron are commonly found in honey.

Antibacterial and Anti-fungal

Honey can break down the glucose it contains into hydrogen peroxide, an antiseptic that kills unwanted bacteria and fungus. If you’re sick, this can help your body get rid of the unwanted bacteria.

Phytonutrient Full

Phytonutrients reap anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits which come in handy when you have a sore throat. The anti-inflammatory parts of honey, when in contact with a sore throat, will reduce the inflammation and reduce the pain speeding up the healing process, and making it more bearable. You can simply swallow a spoonful of honey to coat your throat, and let the antibacterial and antioxidant nutrients go to work. *Add some lemon and honey into a tea, it’ll work wonders when you’re sick. If your stomach isn’t feeling the best, have some ginger and honey!


Of course, honey is sweet – like a candy! This makes honey a wonderful, natural sweetener that is healthy and makes almost anything taste better. If you like sweeter teas, add a teaspoon of honey. You can add honey into plenty of food dishes such as cornbread, sauces, biscuits, etc! I tend to have a teaspoon of honey in a cup or two of tea each day. I feel like honey goes the best in green tea (Check out the benefits of green tea here), it just complements the light earthiness so nicely.

A very important part of picking out your honey, is to make sure it is raw, and all natural. The more the honey is processed, the more nutrients will be taken away, and the less beneficial it’ll be. My personal favorites (not sponsored) are Golden Blossom Honey and Nature Nates Raw Honey.


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