Just throw it in and brew – one of my favorite tea methods

Recently my tea kettle reached it’s final days. The inside started to chip away, so time to say goodbye. Of course, I can’t go without tea while I wait for a new kettle to come in. So I decided to go for the “throw it in the pot” style. Turns out this is a really fun way of brewing your own tea blends. Just throw in what you think will taste good together, and whatever ingredients you need to get their health benefits, and enjoy.

I came up with a few very tasty recipes in this time. First one, I came up with when I was a bit sick with loosing my voice, and some congestion. I ran to whole foods and shoprite to get ginger root, tumeric, lemon, mint, sage and bay leaf. Then I chopped the ginger into coin sized pieces, and grated the tumeric. I threw everything else in, and poured over a strainer (strainer is key! Don’t want any scraps getting in your drink). I added some honey with lemon juice, and away was my cold. Check out the recipe for ingredients and brewing instructions here

My second favorite recipe was a lavender chamomile, lemon honey infused night time tea. I Started with a bay leaf in the pot, then added a lavender chamomile tea I got from euphoriclifetea. I added some honey, then poured into a glass with a splash of lemon juice. This was a very soothing, relaxing whole body experience. Check out the full recipe for ingredients and brewing instructions here


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