DIY Teabag Pocket Holder

I was feeling a bit creative today, and I got inspired to create a cool travel/display holder. I made this one candy cane themed with some comics on the back. This will comfortably hold 3 teabags, you can fit 4 but they’ll be very snug. You can take your teabags in style anywhere. I thought this would be really cool if you have company over and would like to have some tea out. Or, if you know someone who loves tea, you can surprise them with this gift!

Check out the video tutorial HERE!


  • Bristol Board
  • Scissors
  • Duct Tape
  • String
  • Sewing Needle & Thread
  • Any art supplies to make it your own
  • Optional – Comics & Clear Elmers Glue

First step is to draw and cutout the template. This is the one I created:

Dimensions for the template

Next, take a black tea teabag and dab it on the paper if you want to give the box an older feel. The longer you let the tea sit, and harder you dab, the stronger the color. Take a towel, and press it against the tea to dry the paper – don’t rub/wipe the paper when it’s wet!!!!

If you decide to put some comics (You can even use old book pages, or anything cool that’s on paper), draw 3″ x 3″ boxes for each side of the box you want them on. Evenly spread clear Elmers glue on the template, and place the cutout gently on. 

Fold along the lines so it’ll form a box with an open/close flap.

Now take your button, and place it where you want. Take a pen, stick it in each of the 4 holes. Take a needle and poke in each of the 4 holes. Now, place the button on top of the holes, and take your needle & thread guiding it through each hole. Follow this diagram if you have trouble sewing a button (You’re just making an X and then tying it closed):

Cut out duct tape strips to hold the sides of the box together. Stick them on the sides – the neater the better! Cutting duct tape is tough, so go slowly that way the tape doesn’t shrivel up.

Now take your string and wrap it around under the button. Tie it in the back of the box. Use two small pieces of duct tape to hold the string in place on the sides.

Add any final designs, and you’re done! Add your tea bags, and enjoy!

Feel free to share this with friends and family if you enjoyed. Reach out to me if you made one, I’d love to see!


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