Grasspeopletree Masters Red

HERBAL (1).png

Yesterday afternoon to night I decided to brew up some Masters Red from grasspeopletree. The leaves created a warming, rich English breakfast type tea. Wonderful blend that can be re-steeped many times. It kept me going for the rest of the night, and will be a great morning tea for the weekends!


Light earthy tones reminds me of the fields where the tea is harvested – light and grassy just as the tea enters your pallet. On top of that there’s a warm floral, honeysuckle flavor that lingers on your tongue after you take a sip mixed with sweet honey.

Flavor Profile:

30% green grassy flavor, 40% floral, 30% honey.


Especially in the aftertaste, this is a pleasantly sweet tea. I get a strong honey flavor as if I added a tsp of honey to the cup. The honeysuckle floral tones add a light sweetness on top of the honey.


First steep at 212° for 2 minutes, each brew after that I added 2 minutes. Ended up steeping 5 cups that day, and each one still had wonderful flavor. Just got a bit lighter each time I steeped.

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