Chai Tea Latte

Sweet, spicy and savory, this tea is a wonderful treat for any day. Took me a few tries to get it just right; came out amazing (Better than Starbucks). Ingredients: 1/3 mug hot water2/3 mug milk (Or almond milk if vegan. Wan't a chocolate chai latte - use chocolate almond!)1.5tsp cinammon1 tsp nutmeg2 tsp maple … Continue reading Chai Tea Latte

Ginger Tumeric Herbal Healing Tea

Sore throat, loosing voice, upset stomach, cold, flu, anything wrong? Brew up a a few cups of this wonderful healing tea. It'll soothe your whole body, and fight off unwanted things in your body. Recipe: 3 Teacups full water 2 Inches Fresh Ginger - skinned, sliced 1/4 Inch Turmeric - grated 1 handful of mint … Continue reading Ginger Tumeric Herbal Healing Tea