DIY Teabag Pocket Holder

I was feeling a bit creative today, and I got inspired to create a cool travel/display holder. I made this one candy cane themed with some comics on the back. This will comfortably hold 3 teabags, you can fit 4 but they'll be very snug. You can take your teabags in style anywhere. I thought … Continue reading DIY Teabag Pocket Holder

Just throw it in and brew – one of my favorite tea methods

I decided to go for the "throw it in the pot" style. Turns out this is a really fun way of brewing your own tea blends. Just throw in what you think will taste good together, and whatever ingredients you need to get their health benefits, and enjoy.

Benefits of Green Tea

Native to China, green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves. Camellia sinesis has evolved as a shrub which grows in sunny regions with cooler, drier climates
Green tea includes potent antioxidants, catechins and polyphenols, which reduce inflammation and may help protect against cancers