Grasspeopletree Masters Red

The leaves created a warming, rich English breakfast type tea. Wonderful blend that can be re-steeped many times. It kept me going for the rest of the night, and will be a great morning tea for the weekends!

Fine craftsmanship ensures a natural orchid fragrance runs through this robust tea, making it truly unique. This very red tea (black tea in the U.K.) was enjoyed 400 years ago by the Royals of the British Empire. Very little has changed in the way it's made today.

Adagio Aquarius Black Tea

Black and oolong tea with a sweet, nutty kick! If you're a lover of darker, rich, sweet and savory teas, this is for you! And if you're an Aquarius, this is a must try! You'll get a just-sweet-enough vanilla kick with a balancing hazelnut flavor infused into rich black tea. There's also a hint of cocoa nibs mixed in which seem to fall right in between the sweetness of the vanilla and nuttiness of the hazelnut. Blue cornflowers are a beautiful addition to the presentation of this tea, reminding you of the Aquarius roots of this tea. Definitely try brewing this in a clear glass kettle, you'll love the ascetic!

This has turned into a frequent morning cup for me. I just can't get over the flavors working together to create a smooth black tea that's not too strong yet full of exotic flavors. You can smell the flavors before you even open the tin, and when you open the tin, boy it'll blow you away! One of my favorites! When ever I brew I cup, I'll make that two!

Javavana Mate Black

If coffee were a tea, this would be it. Rich Assam black tea infused with creamy cocoa and vanilla overtones. Nothing in tea is overpowering and there's just the right amount of every flavor. The black leaves have a malty flavor bringing a nutty, toasted essence to the tea. There's cocoa bits which add a smooth dark chocolate taste. You'll find hints of vanilla complementing this tea as its on your palette.